Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee

If you are coffee addict and love your cold brew, you will love this recipe! Lifestyle blogger Hannah Chia is an avid cold brew fan and she has shared with us how she make her cold brew coffee with SodaStream Sparkling Water!

Here's her recipe: 

INGREDIENTS you will need:

  • Cold drip coffee or expresso, 125ml or half a glass
  • SodaStream Sparkling Water, 125ml or half a glass 


    1. Carbonate 1 litre of cold water using SodaStream.
    2. Pour the SodaStream Sparkling Water into the cold drip coffee slowly as there will be more fizz when the water meets the coffee. 

Bearing in mind the ratio for the coffee and SodaStream Sparkling Water is 1:1, you can make larger amounts for higher consumption. 

Please follow Hannah on her instagram at @mshannahchia for her coffee adventures. 

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