SodaStream x Pilates Bodytree

BodyTree Wellness Day 2018 - Move Well to Live Well

‘Muscles need hydration, SodaStream prompts one to drink more water.’ says Tribe SodaStream Leader Daniel Chan, Pilates Bodytree.

We all know that people who drink sparkling water drink 43% more water and for those who exercise regularly, they up their hydration game by drinking sparkling water! For muscles to formed, the body needs to be well hydrated.

Advocating hydration, Tribe SodaStream Leader Daniel Chan invited SodaStream to be part of BodyTree Wellness Day 2018 where we were there to hydrate everyone with our sparkling fruit infusions as well as SodaStream Sparkling Water.

Many thirsty lips were quenched when the workout sessions at BodyTree Wellness Day event ended. Thanks Pilates Bodytree for having us! We had a lot of fun fizzing and hydrating your classes!

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