SodaStream Zeros Pink Grapefruit Drink Mix (Stevia based, Sugar-free)

  • $990

SodaStream Waters Zeros Sparkling Drink Mix is naturally flavored and contains no calories.  With no sugars, SodaStream Waters Zeros offer a better-for-you alternative. Contains no aspartame, one bottle makes 9 litres of juice-that is great value! 

Zeros Pink Grapefruit flavour tops our best selling list this year!  Add this to fresh sparkling water or as a mixer to beverages!  Now you can enjoy the fizz without the negative effects of sugar!


Creating your own flavored sparkling water at home has never been easier! Simply carbonate water with your SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker (sold separately), add your favorite flavor and enjoy!

 1 bottle contains 440ml, makes approximately 9 Litres of sparkling drinks.

Shelf life: One year from date of manufacturing. 

Current batch Best Before: 16 Sep 2019

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