One Sodastream Can Save Up To Thousands Of Single Use Plastic Bottles

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Your Trusted Sparkling Water Maker Singapore

There's just something about kicking back on your off day with an ice cold fizzy soda.

So there's really nothing worse than finding out that you have none at home! If only there was some way to ensure you get your sparkling water fix whenever you want.

With SodaStream, your wish can be easily granted. Enjoy endless, delectable carbonated beverages with just one touch!

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Infuse Your Beverage with the SodaStream Spirit in Just 3 Seconds!

Using Your SodaStream Maker

SodaStream is the world's No. 1 sparkling water maker.

Our sparkling water makers and complementing SodaStream products allow customers to enjoy limitless excellent bubbles at home with just cold water, while also helping to conserve the environment.

With over 90,000 stores across 47 countries carrying our brand, SodaStream is a staple in the home carbonation industry!

Sleek and Modern Design

Worried about overcrowding your kitchen with appliances that take up too much space?

Our sparkling water makers have a compact and cordless design making it easy to place whether you want it in your living room or even the dining room for easy access.

With a manual model, you can control the amount of bubbles you like. Or you can opt for our electric sparkling water makers for easily consistent carbonated drinks!

Enjoy our best buy bundles with extra accessories for a better price.

Reduce Plastic Consumption

Ever had the problem of soda bottles piling up in your trash or even taking up too much space in your home?

Our carbonating bottles can be reused for up to 3 years and are recyclable after, saving you money and reducing all that plastic bottle wastage.

Save Money and Reduce Wastage

Hate the idea of your CO2 cylinders going to waste every time you have to replace them with a new one?

Our CO2 gas cylinders can be exchanged for a new one at almost half the price of a new one. Just make sure you have an empty SodaStream CO2 cylinder for every purchase of a replacement cylinder.

The Healthier Choice

Want to have a chilled drink on a hot day but you're trying to live a healthier lifestyle and not consume all that sugar and calories?

We have a variety of low-sugar drink mixes for you to make a healthy infusion of delicious fizzy drinks!

Aside from our drink mixes, you can get creative and carbonate any of your favourite drinks! Infuse the sparkling water with fruits and vegetables to have really delicious and yet naturally zero-calorie drinks. How about sparkling coffee and tea too?

Change The Way The World Drinks

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About SodaStream

SodaStream, part of PepsiCo, is the world’s leading sparkling water maker brand. SodaStream enables consumers to enjoy endless good bubbles at home, without hassle, and help save the planet. SodaStream bubbles are better for the consumer - healthy, easy to make, light to carry - and better for the planet - replacing thousands of single use plastic bottles with one reusable SodaStream bottle.

Products are available at more than 80,000 retail stores across 46 countries. In Singapore, SodaStream® is exclusively distributed by Komo Pte Ltd, which is owned by entrepreneur Nanz Chong-Komo.

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