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6 Root Beer Mixes Bundle Saver

6 Root Beer Mixes Bundle Saver

SAVE $7.40


Save MORE with this special bundle! This SodaStream Mix uses natural cane sugar and it has 2/3 less sugar than a commercial canned soda!  

Better For You, Better For Environment.
The SodaStream Classics range of drink mixes taste just like the brands you know, but contain 50% less sugar than shop-bought versions, and no high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame. One bottle makes 9 litres of soda - and if you prefer your drink less sweet, use less mix and that means you are getting many more litres of soda too! That is great value! 

Make Your Own! 
Make your own classic soda flavour at home. No need to run out or store lots of plastic bottles, get that great taste straight from the tap!

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  • 6 x Classics Root Beer Drink Mix - BB 21/07/2022