CO2 BUNDLES PROMOTION -Swap 3 empties to enjoy our gift to you!

CO2 BUNDLES PROMOTION -Swap 3 empties to enjoy our gift to you!

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People all over the world love SodaStream for the fresh fizz without the harmful consequences of sugar and preservatives! By using SodaStream, we are doing our part to reduce global plastic waste. 

More facts about SodaStream: 

  1. BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH: Sparkling Water Made by you with SodaStream contains no calories and artificial preservatives.
  2. BETTER FOR THE EARTH: A family reduces about 2000 cans & one-time-use plastic bottles a year.
  3. SAVES YOU MONEY: One CO2 Cylinder makes about 60L of Fresh Sparkling Water and that is equivalent to an estimate of S$0.50 per litre.

From now to 15 February 2019, order 3 Refills CO2 and get a gift from us!

Please note that you will need to have your 3 empty refills ready at the time of this delivery for an exchange.

To order a standard price CO2 Cylinder please click here.

Read here to find out what goes on behind SodaStream CO2 Cylinders: 


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