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Just 4U F45! Spirit White Sparkling Water Maker

Just 4U F45! Spirit White Sparkling Water Maker

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Spirit White Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

With SodaStream, you control the amount of bubbles you like and the consumption of sugar! Now you can enjoy the fizz without the bad consequence of sugar! Did we mention that Spirit model does need any electric plug and no batteries needed too!  You will be amazed!

The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker turns water into sparkling water in seconds and is designed to capture the essence of SodaStream’s original machines while incorporating a new slimmer design to fit beautifully in any modern kitchen. This is a manual model without the need for batteries nor electrical cord. Well loved for its mobility to bring to any outdoor places! All you need is water!

In The Bundle

Comprises :

  • 1 x White Spirit Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit which includes a 60L CO2 Cylinder and 1L BPA-free Reusable Carbonating Bottle
  • 1 x Spare 60L CO2 Cylinder
  • 1 x 1L Trio White Winter Flowers Reusable BPA-free Carbonating Bottles
  • 1 x Zeros Orange Mango Drink Mix (Stevia based, Sugar-free) - BB 10/08/2022