LIMITED TIME TWIN PACK SPECIAL ! SodaStream Fruit Drops - Peach (Sugar-free) - BB 25/08/2021

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Sparkling water that tastes fresh and more exciting than ever! You will crave for more; half a teaspoon will do the magic! 

The SodaStream Peach fruit drops offers a hint of fruit flavour sensations, natural and fresh; without the calories and sugar.  Made from all natural flavours.

Recommendation: Add a drop to a glass of sparkling water for a splash of natural fruit flavour; perfect with fruits or herbs as desired.  For 1 litre of Sparkling Water, add half a teaspoon after fizzing. 

1 bottle contains 40ml, makes approximately 20 Litres of sparkling drinks. 

Shelf life: 22 months from date of manufacturing. 

Best Before: 25 Aug 2021

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