SodaStream Spare CO2 Cylinder 60L

  • $5500

Buy a spare or two! *You do not need to hand in your empty cylinders for ordering this item*.

Keep a spare 60 Litre Cylinder on hand so you always have an abundance of sparkling water while you are exchanging your empty one. You don't need to run out of gas! With a spare cylinder, you will always have one ready to use while you are waiting for the exchange cylinder to arrive.  Fizzy as usual - a non-stop service!

You do not need an empty cylinder to purchase this.

(Important: Our territory license agreement in Singapore does not provide for CO2 cylinders for machines from Australia and New Zealand where cylinders are exclusively different from the rest of the world.)

SodaStream's carbon dioxide cylinders are Food Grade certified by the European Union with the highest standards of manufacturing, very light aluminum, weighing only 1.2 kg each, containing food grade 425 grams of carbon dioxide gas, with exclusive safety valve patents, each carbon dioxide cylinder can produce up to about 50-60 liters of bubble water, easy disassembly and safe!

Every Cylinder is checked and packed and shipped back to factory for quality control including sanitizing before infilling of CO2.

  • SodaStream secured over many years of flawless operation, recognition from the world’s leading regulatory and safety authorities. These include: TUV, Swiss TS, DOT USA, TC Canada, Lloyds, GS, UL and others.
  • Our cylinder plant operates under an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance system that is certified and regularly audited by Lloyds Register.
  • Every Batch of Co2 that we use is sent to external laboratories for testing that there are no contaminants.
If you want to exchange/refill your empty cylinder check out our online store locator to find a store near you. More info on the SodaStream Cylinder Exchange System here.

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