SodaStream Source Red Sparkling Water Maker

  • $26900

Red Dot Award Winner 
Mobile, Stylish, Led Indicator

The SodaStream Source Red, designed by renowned European designer Yves Behar, is a slick and elegant addition to your kitchen, allowing you to create homemade sparkling water and flavored carbonated beverages in seconds.

Powered by a refillable CO2 Cylinder, Source's responsive touch system allows you to create three levels of fizz, clearly visible on an LED display, while a new Snap-Lock mechanism makes the system quick, simple and easy to use.

Only SodaStream 1 Litre bottles and 500ml Fuse style bottles are designed to work with this Sparkling Water Maker. 

This unit is a complete starter kit. It comes with :

1 SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker + 1 Food-grade Co2 Cylinder + 1x 1 Litre Plastic Carbonating Bottle.

See how to use video here

Bottle Type :Plastic

Bottle Size : 1 L 

Size of Carbonator : 60 L

Snap Lock Mechanism: Yes

Color : Red

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