Media Mention by Mermaid Kat on Genting Dream Cruises

The first human professional mermaid, Mermaid Kat was on board the Genting Dreams by Dream Cruises during the June School Holidays and we had a chance meeting when the kids dived into her workshop. At her workshop, she talked about how after winning Ms Germany and modelling helped her realise her mermaid dream and start her mermaid school. She also mentioned that as a human mermaid, she advocates a NO PLASTIC lifestyle as it pollutes the ocean affecting her experience in the sea and the living condition for the marine life.

In her interview with i-weekly magazine (6 June 2018 issue), Mermaid Kat mentioned using SodaStream in one of her environment friendly tips. In the life hacks segment, Mermaid Kat mentioned with SodaStream, one can drink fresh sparkling water without using one-time use plastic bottles and saves money on buying sparkling water.

Caring for the ocean is everyone’s responsibility and we should do our part to stop using plastic! Click HERE to get your SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker if you still have not gotten to it!

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