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SodaStream®, part of PepsiCo, is the world’s #1 sparkling water-maker brand. Since 1903, SodaStream® is trusted for saftey and stringent world-class global manufacturing processes; enables consumers to enjoy endless sparkling water and soda at home, without hassle, and help save the planet too! SodaStream® bubbles are better for the consumer - healthy, easy to make, light to carry - and better for the planet - replacing thousands of single use plastic bottles with one reusable SodaStream® bottle. Available at more than 40 retail stores and all major online platforms in Singapore. In Singapore, SodaStream® is exclusively distributed by Komo Pte Ltd, owned by entrepreneur Nanz Chong-Komo.

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Read more about the SodaStream journey here. Catch up with the latest food recipes and artisanal drinks here. We also have blogs covering a wide range of topics from the environment to wellness. Make sure you are also updated with our events and our appearance in the news.

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