How To Earn Sparkling Points ($1 = 10 Points)

Join Gang

1,000 points

Place An Order

10 points for every $1 spent

Write A Review

250 points

Register Your Birthday

1,500 points

Like On Facebook

600 points

Share On Facebook

600 points

Follow On Instagram

600 points


600 points

How It Works

1. Join the Gang
Hop on board with us to start the points rolling

2. Earn Points
Earn points every time you shop or engage

3. Redeem
Barter the points for great perks

Join The Bubble Gang

Earn - Redeem -Enjoy

Calling all bubble gangsters to gather at SodaStream Singapore where we happily want to be robbed of points, and then barter them for special perks and exclusive treats.

How about fast track and roll more points out of us by showing some love for us with a review? Or like our facebook, or gain more by sparkling another year of adventure with us, or boast about our ventures to others, recruiting them into our gang.

C’mon what are ye waiting for? There’s gonna be 1,000 sparkling points for you right now when you hop on board and be our gangsters!

Terms & conditions of this programme are subject to change without prior notice

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Redeem Points For Discount Coupons

$2.00 COUPON

800 points

$5.00 COUPON

1,500 points

$10.00 COUPON

2,800 points

$20.00 COUPON

5,000 points

$ 50.00 coupon

12,000 points

Refer A Friend

You Get 1500 Sparkling Points (worth $5)

Your Friend Gets $5 OFF (min $60)
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We love to reward our customers. And we have created a loyalty program for you that will reward you with every transaction made, every review written, every birthday celebrated, every thumbs up to your friend, and even for just joining the gang! The rewards will be in the form of sparkling points, which would then help to offset any purchase you make with us, with no minimum purchase amount required!

Anyone! It is free, no joining fee for anyone and you start earning points the minute you sign up. In fact, if you are already our online customer with an online account, you are automatically enrolled as our gang member.

To join the gang, click here. If you are already our online customer with an online account, you are automatically enrolled as our gang member. Once you are have been successfully enrolled, you will see a The Bubble Gang widget appearing on the bottom left of the screen. All gangster related activities will be managed through this widget.

First of all, you have to be our Bubble gangster. Once you are signed up, you will see a SodaStream Bubble Gang widget appearing on the bottom left of the screen. Scroll down the page to find the Refer your friends section. You will then find your personalised referral link that you can forward to your friends, or simply click on one of the communication channels listed to share.

In addition to earning sparkling points every time you shop, write a review, connect with us on social media or refer your friends, we may run special events for you to earn even more sparkling points easily. Subscribe to our newsletter to get alerted.

Simply log into your account, click on Ways to redeem using the Loyalty program widget and see what you like. Once you have submitted your selection, you will receive an email with a coupon code. You can then apply this code at the checkout page when you place your next transaction. Each purchase will be able to accept one code so do save up and redeem for higher-valued vouchers!

The redemption points for each order is :

Minimum - 800 points

Maximum - 12,000 points

(Exclusions :Redemption is not applicable for bundle/trade-in purchases, or combined with other promotions/codes/store credits. Only 1 code can be applied per transaction.)

Changes have been made to the loyalty points program. All loyalty points will have at least 18 months expiry.  The changes are tabulated as below:

Points earned before 31 Dec 2023 → Expiry 30 Jun 2025

Points earned from 01 Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2024 → Expiry 30 Jun 2026

Loyalty points not redeemed within the validity period will be forfeited. There is strictly no extension of validity.

We are sorry your sparkling points will not be transferrable to other gangsters, nor can we convert them to cash for you.

At any point you would like to exit from the gang for whatever reason, just contact us and we will have this sorted out for you. (No blood will be shed!)