General Questions

Are SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles BPA-free?

Are SodaStream’s products recyclable?

Can you really make real soda at home?

How do I get ongoing supplies for my home drinks maker?

How long has SodaStream been in business?

What do I need to know about the CO2 I am consuming with SodaStream?

Why should I buy a home Sparkling Water maker?

Operating Your Home Soda Maker

Can I add anything other than the drink mixes?

Can I carbonate drinks other than water?

Can I re-fizz a drink that has gone flat?

Do I need a special water system in order to use the product?

How can I tell if there is enough fizz in my water?

How do I clean my sparkling water maker?

What kind of power source does the sparkling water maker use?

CO2 cylinders

What do I need to know about SodaStream CO2?

How often will I have to replace my CO2 cylinders ?

How do I know if the CO2 cylinder is empty?

My CO2 cylinder is empty. Now what do I do?

Can I refill my own CO2 cylinders or have it refilled locally

What is the shelf life of the CO2 cylinder?

Can a different company’s CO2 cylinder be used?

Can I take my CO2 cylinder onto the plane?

How should the CO2 cylinders be stored?

Is it safe to have a CO2 cylinder in my home or kitchen?

We no longer need our CO2 cylinders. How can we recycle them or get them refunded?

Drink Mixes

Are your products allergen-free?

Do you have any caffeine-free flavours?

Does your tonic contain quinine?

How do you sweeten your diet flavours?

How do you sweeten your regular flavours?

How long does the soda last before going flat?

How much of the drink mix should I add to a bottle?

I like flavored soda. Can I make this with a SodaStream sparkling water maker?

I like very fizzy soda. Can I make this with a SodaStream sparkling water maker?

Should I refrigerate the drink mixes?

What is the shelf life of the drink mixes?

Carbonating Bottles

Can I use a different kind of bottle?

How do I clean my carbonating bottles? Are they dishwater-safe?

I lost my bottle caps. Can I get replacements or use another one that fits?

Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?

Why am I not able to insert the carbonating bottle (Fuse range) into my Genesis maker?


Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Do you offer a warranty?

I have another brand of carbonating system but I would prefer to use your system. Do you have a trade-in program?

What are the terms and conditions of any marketing promotions/special bundles offered?

I am buying as a gift for someone. Do you issue gift receipts?

Common Troubleshooting Tips

I hear gas escaping from the CO2 cylinder. Is this a problem?

I made sparkling water and it made a fizzy mess all over my counter. Why?

My Sparkling Water is not fizzy enough. The carbonation looks weak.

My Sparkling Water is not flavourful enough.