Denise Keller Karma Yoga Retreat for Amazing Trekkers Club


The lawn lined with yoga mats and before Tribe SodaStream Leader Denise Keller starts her class. 

We were invited by Denise Keller - Tribe SodaStream leader - on 11 January 2018 to serve SodaStream delicious sparkling water to hydrate participants at a soulful Karma Yoga Retreat for Amazing Trekkers Club trekkers. 

Led by Denise Keller, the Karma Yoga Retreat workshop was attended by Amazing Trekkers Club members and their friends at Oasia Hotel in support of Maiti Nepal.

Denise opened up the evening with Young Living’s Sacred Mountain aromatherapy taster, meditation and breathing exercises followed by yoga techniques to help us stay grounded, to stand and trek strong together as a team, to be flexible, to do the impossible, to never give up, to surrender & be present, to embrace the unexpected, and to always let go.

The yoga class ended with a reminder to be accepting and embracing one's blessings.  

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