SodaStream x Riverboat Moonlight Yoga

SodaStream was at an unusual yoga activity onboard Stewords Riverboat, the only floating restaurant in Singapore docked off Marina South pier (formally an A&Ws outlet at Sentosa) on Friday the 13th (13 July 2018). Led by Tribe SodaStream Leader Dawn Sim, the Moonlight Yoga on this three-storey boat stimulates wholesome 5 senses for participants in the yoga class:

  • feast their eyes on the beautiful sunset horizon;
  • breathe in the fresh air and sea breeze;
  • test their balance to the gentle lulling of the waves;
  • hear the sounds of the waves;
  • tantalize their taste buds with a special menu crafted by Steword Riverboat's culinary team.


After the intense yoga class, excited participants tried the freshly made  SodaStream Sparkling Water and were hydrated by the delicious sparkling water. 


Jeorg, the lucky participant won the SodaStream SPIRIT Sparkling Water Maker for the lucky draw and went home a happy man! He was definitely extremely happy and couldn’t wait to try the SodaStream Spirit out himself at home!

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