Fizzing Our Way in Blind Yoga

We often take our vision for granted and do not how it feels to be in the dark and not being able to see anything around us. Tribe SodsStream Leader Dawn Sim (owner of Trium Fitness) conducted a mass Blind Yoga class and  SodaStream was invited to hydrate thirsty lips for the session.


The mass blind yoga class was held at Aperia Mall Atrium where Trium Fitness is located to raise awareness for the visually impaired where you have to rely on your other, non-visual senses. The beginner-friendly class was attended by both visually impaired and normal-sighted where those who could see were given eye masks to blind fold them - to help them to experience what the visually impaired experienced.


The mass Blindfold Yoga class conducted by Trium Fitness made it to the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of participants in the class and we are proud to be part of this historical moment!

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