Join us as we honour and celebrate the National Athletes of Singapore


Have you ever wondered what is the ratio of our national sportsmen to the population of Singapore? Our instinct tells us that each one of them is “one in a million”! They are the rarity of every generation and each sportsman has a story to tell.

SodaStream Singapore is always looking out to honour those that gave their “10,000 Hours”, inspiring us what it means to sacrifice, working hard with undivided attention to reach their goals. They made their names out of relentless commitment and sweat. Last year on Singapore’s 55th National Day, we honoured 55 National Athletes.

This year’s national day which is unlike others of the past decades, we want to focus your attention on celebrations, victories and what it means to do the impossible! We have gotten to know some of the sportsmen better and have captured them in action in these videos.

Our sports champions are Singapore’s heroes, whether they compete at the Olympics and Paralympics, or train others to succeed, they possess the can-do spirit and a never-give-up attitude which I totally love and relate to as an entrepreneur. We have put together 11 videos of some of the most amazing humans in Singapore. Please enjoy them, be inspired and I would like to wish you a Happy National Day!” says Ms Nanz Chong-Komo, Distributor of SodaStream Singapore and CEO of Komo Pte Ltd.

This year, we are so blessed to have been a big part of their lives. Take a look!


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