SodaStream Singapore Celebrates 55 Sports Champions To Commemorate Nation’s 55th Birthday

SodaStream Singapore Celebrates 55 Sports Champions To Commemorate Nation’s 55th Birthday


The world’s leading sparkling water maker brand will be celebrating Singapore’s 55th birthday with a salute to 55 of the nation’s leading sports champions.
Each of the 55 sports champions will receive a specially curated National Day Kit, along with a SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker in our national colour: red!
“SodaStream’s core values are living a healthy lifestyle and being responsible for the earth,” says SodaStream Singapore CEO, Ms Nanz Chong-Komo. “SodaStream offers all the satisfaction of sparkling water and delicious sparkling drinks, free from chemicals and excessive sugar. Everyone should have freedom in how they drink their water. SodaStream gives them the fun and full flexibility to be in charge.”

Finding itself naturally aligned to the qualities possessed by leaders in sports—fitness, health, fun and flexibility—SodaStream Singapore has chosen 55 Singaporean sports champions, past and present, to honour this National Day. Among them are swimming legend and National Head Coach Ang Peng Siong, Paralympian Theresa Goh, former national swimmer and winner of 40 gold medals at the SEA Games Joscelin Yeo, national weightlifting record holder Lim Kang Yin, grappling (wrestling) champion Sahail Malik and exciting newcomer in golf, Hailey Loh.

“Our sports champions are our nation’s heroes, whether they compete at the Olympics and Paralympics, or train others to compete or to stay fit. They possess a can-do spirit and courage in the face of failure—attributes that also reflect the heart of Singapore as a young nation,” says Ms Chong-Komo.

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55 Sport Champions SodaStream Singapore honours

Below are the 55 national athletes that SodaStream Singapore honours this National Day:

Aacus Ee
Adam Alexander Vine
Aizat Jufrie
Alana Hambly
Aloysius Yap
Amanda Lim
Ang Peng Siong
Ang Su En Sarah
Arthur Andre Paandan
Ben Goh Zuo Fu
Brandon Ooi
Cheah En Wei John
Cheryln Yeoh
Choo Ling Er
Danielle Lim
David Ooi
Eddy Khidzer
Firdhaus Ng
Garie Tang
Gemma Mollison
Glen Lee
Gregory Gan
Hailey Loh
Heem Wei
Isaac Lai
James Leow
Jaslyn Hooi Yue Yann
Jazeel Tan Wei Ting
Jazreel Tan
Jin Yu Jia
Joscelin Yeo
Joseph Schooling
Kelsie Muir
Leonard Tan
Lim Kang Yin
Lou Hong Yeow
Marcus Cheah
Martyn Daniel
Md Qayyum Yusoff
Nabilah Mj
Nazri Sutari
Ronald Susilo
Royston Wee
Russell Paul Lee
Ryan Tay
Sahail Malik
Sarah Pang
Sarah Yong
Sean Yeo
Shermaine Tung
Tessie Chin Siew Yin
Theresa Goh
Timothy Loh
Wah Toon
Yeo Jia Min



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