The science behind the magic of SodaStream lies in our CO2 gas cylinders.

What’s so great about them?

SodaStream controls every single gas cylinder that it creates, to ensure that the gas that goes into your drink is of the highest quality, food-grade CO2. Not all CO2 cylinders are equal—CO2 cylinders are used for a wide variety of purposes, including paintball machines, nail guns, tires and more. CO2 gas cylinders have been known to explode unpredictably and cause deadly inhalation. 

But in SodaStream’s more-than-120-year history, after 70 million cylinders created, SodaStream has had zero cylinder failures across 47 countries.

SodaStream invented the aluminum cylinder which has regulatory approvals of leading authorities globally from countries like Switzerland, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. SodaStream has 100 percent control throughout the lifetime of a cylinder: each cylinder and valve is inspected individually. Every cylinder is returned to SodaStream’s ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management system that is certified and regularly audited by Lloyds Register) plants for refilling and checking—cylinders are not refilled by the country’s distributors but at headquarters. SodaStream’s primary filling facilities are licensed for the production of food, and each batch of CO2 is sent for external testing to ensure there are no contaminants.

We hate to compare, but third party CO2 gas cylinders or refills cannot guarantee the high quality and safety of SodaStream cylinders. Considering the assurance of safety and the experience behind the proven test of the journey of time….. SodaStream’s commitment to you is unwavering!

SODASTREAM CO2 Cylinder Facts

More than 120-year history, zero failed cylinders

100% checked - Every cylinder is returned to and refilled at an official SodaStream plant

100% Highest food-grade quality CO2 guaranteed

SodaStream gas filling facilities licensed for food production

SodaStream exceeds regulatory requirements for critical safety parameters

SodaStream produces 100% of its own aluminum canisters and brass valves100% - Each cylinder and valve is rigorously examined

SodaStream cylinder plant operates under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system that is certified and regularly audited by Lloyds Register.

SodaStream has secured, over many years of flawless operation, recognition from worldwide leading regulatory and safety authorities. These include: TUV GS, Swiss Safety Center, DOT USA, TC Canada, Lloyds Register, UL and others.

IMPORTANT facts you cannot afford to ignore and understanding your risks:

Refilling of empty CO2 cylinders by unofficial sources is extremely risky. (Would you consume food from unknown sources or kitchens..?)

Unregulated refilling violates the law and unauthorized refilling  SodaStream's rights. Violators do so entirely at their own health and safety risk.

SodaStream warrants the safety of its CO2 cylinders only if they are refilled by SodaStream, bearing a SodaStream safety seal on the valve 

SodaStream possesses the legally required knowledge and expertise for handling CO2 cylinders, and is subject to strict legal compliance. SodaStream can only guarantee the safety and effectiveness if these cylinders are maintained, examined, retested and refilled by SodaStream.