Christmas Recipe for Sparkling Water

Christmas Recipe for Sparkling Water
Water is the essence of life and makes up to 70% of our human bodies. Infusing sparkling water with fruits, vegetables and spices makes water delicious and fun to drink - making it easy to drink and is beneficial to us.
Bring your Christmas Sparkling Water to every Christmas party by infusing the christmas flavours. 
- Handful Cloves x 8 (or 10 for flavouring)
- Star Anise x 4 
- Cranberry x 10
- Cinnamon x 3 (or 4 sticks will be good)
1- Carbonate water in your SodaStream Carbonating bottle.
2- Wash and clean the cranberries. 
3- Add the cranberries, star anise, cloves and cinnamon  to the SodaStream Sparkling Water. 
4- Keep the Cranberry Cinnamon Infusion (Christmas infusion) in the firdge to sit for at least an hour for the bubbles to bring out the flavours. The Christmas infusion taste the best when infused for 2 - 3 days chilled.
We hope you like the Cranberry Cinnamon Infusion recipe. Do share your Christmas recipes if you have some of your own. Click HERE to see how to add a touch of Christmas your SodaStream Sparkling Water.
Have a FIZZY Christmas! 

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