Espresso Martini Recipe

Espresso Martini Recipe

Indulge in the rich and invigorating world of the SodaStream Espresso Martini, where the allure of coffee meets the sophistication of a classic cocktail. This delightful elixir combines the bold flavours of espresso with the subtle sweetness of coffee liqueur, all invigorated by the effervescence of SodaStream's sparkling water.

The Espresso Martini is your post-dinner wake-up call, with a boozy kick that's been energising evenings since the 1980s. Invented by British bartender Dick Bradsell, it's said to have originated from a model's request for a drink that's both invigorating and intoxicating. Bradsell's creation blended vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur to give birth to this classic cocktail. If you have an espresso machine, a quick chill in the freezer is ideal to prevent dilution. For those without an espresso machine, cold brew concentrate serves as a great alternative. With the espresso and coffee liqueur perfectly balanced, this caffeinated delight gets topped with coffee beans for a picture-perfect finish.

Espresso Martini Ingredients

Vodka 30 ml

Coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa) 20 ml

Freshly brewed espresso, cooled 20 ml

SodaStream sparkling water

Coffee beans or espresso beans Garnish

How to make a Espresso Martini :

  1. Begin by chilling a martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes. A cold glass preserves the drink's refreshing qualities.
  2. In a shaker, combine 30 ml of vodka, 20 ml of coffee liqueur, and 20 ml of freshly brewed and cooled espresso.
  3. Add ice to the shaker and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. This chills and blends the ingredients to perfection.
  4. Strain the cocktail into the chilled martini glass, allowing it to shimmer and captivate.
  5. Top off the cocktail with SodaStream sparkling water to your preferred level of effervescence. Adjust the amount to suit your taste.
  6. If desired, garnish with a few coffee beans or espresso beans to add a visual and aromatic flair.

Additional Notes:

  • Espresso Martini History
    In the 1980s, British bartender Dick Bradsell created the Espresso Martini at Fred's Club in London, inspired by a request from a model who sought a drink that would both wake her up and intoxicate her. Bradsell ingeniously combined vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur to craft this now-classic cocktail. Its vibrant blend of coffee and alcohol quickly energised the cocktail scene, leaving a lasting mark on the world of mixed drinks.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I make an Espresso Martini with instant coffee or coffee liqueur alone?
You can create a comparable cocktail using instant coffee or coffee liqueur, but the genuine taste of an Espresso Martini comes from the flavourful, freshly brewed espresso. This fresh espresso gives it a unique flavour that you can't get with instant coffee.
Is there a non-alcoholic version of the Espresso Martini?
Yes, You can create a non-alcoholic version by omitting the vodka and coffee liqueur. To preserve the coffee taste, you can employ decaffeinated espresso and introduce a coffee syrup or a coffee-flavoured syrup. Finish it by adding frothy milk to create a non-alcoholic coffee martini.
Can I make an Espresso Martini without an espresso machine?
Yes, you can make an Espresso Martini even if you don't have an espresso machine by using substitutes such as instant espresso powder or strong cold brew coffee, making it easy to get that rich coffee taste without the machine.

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