Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Now here’s a drink that will please adults and kids alike: a virgin mojito is a non-alcoholic, refreshing thirst-quencher with bright notes of fresh lime juice and a heady aroma of mint. Marrying these two ingredients perfectly to make a delicious any-time-of-the-day beverage is SodaStream sparkling water, fizzed to your preferred carbonation level. Prepare to sip on these all day.

Typically associated with hot summer days and poolside indulgences, a virgin mojito features an irresistible combination of fresh lime juice, sparkling water, a simple syrup and a small shower of fresh mint leaves. Warning: you won’t stop at just one glass.

Virgin Mojito Mocktail Ingredients

Fresh Lime Juice 30ml

SodaStream Sparkling Water 118ml

Simple Sugar Syrup (Sugar & Water) 15ml

Fresh large mint leaves 10


Garnish Lime wheels and mint leaves

How to make a Virgin Mojito Mocktail :

  1. In the mocktail shaker, gently muddle the mint leaves to release their flavour.
  2. Add lime juice, syrup and your preferred amount of ice. Shake to combine.
  3. Fill your bottle with cold fresh water and insert it into your SodaStream sparkling water maker. Push the button once (light fizz), twice (medium fizz) or thrice (strong fizz) based on your preferred carbonation level.
  4. Decant into a mocktail shaker.
  5. Pour, unstrained, into a highball glass. Dress the glass rim with a lime wheel and some mint leaves.

Additional Notes:

  • Get creative!
    Variants of a virgin mojito are just as easy to concoct: introduce muddled cherries, raspberries, lychees or mango that take just seconds to chop up. Each will add a layer of flavour and a burst of colour to your glass.
  • Make it a ‘kosong’
    Keep this drink 100% healthy by omitting sugar syrup in your glass. If you like, you may also use alternative natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar.
  • Fizz it your way
    Club soda, tonic water or Sprite can also be used instead of sparkling water. All three options will help you achieve that same bubbly taste.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are virgin mojitos a healthy drink?
Considering it is low in calories, non-alcoholic and contains fresh ingredients, the answer is yes! Each glass is packed with immunity-boosting Vitamin C from the lime juice, while mint is well-known for aiding digestion.
What does “virgin” mean in mojito?
In the context of a mojito, “virgin” usually refers to a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail. It is typically made without the addition of rum.
What does a virgin mojito contain?
A virgin mojito typically contains lime juice, fresh mint leaves, sugar or simple syrup, soda water, and crushed ice. It is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink that is perfect for any occasion.
What is the difference between a mojito and a virgin mojito?
A mojito contains alcohol, typically rum, while a virgin mojito is alcohol-free, sharing similar ingredients like lime juice, mint, sugar, and soda water.
Is virgin mojito halal?
Yes, virgin mojito is generally considered halal as it does not contain any alcoholic ingredients. However, it is always recommended to verify the specific ingredients and preparation method, as some variations may contain non-halal ingredients.
Can virgin mojitos be kept in the refrigerator for an extended period of time?
It’s best to consume them the day they are made, or the carbonation will be lost. However, you can prepare the base ingredients (step 1 of the recipe) ahead of time — simply add fresh SodaStream sparkling water, strain out the mint leaves and add fresh ones before serving.

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