Tribe SodaStream loves SodaStream

Tribe SodaStream loves SodaStream

Tribe SodaStream shows their LOVE for SodaStream!

Tribe SodaStream loves their SodaStream and tells us how they use their SodaStream!

Jimmy T (Jimmy Taenaka)

With Sodastream in my life.... I discovered a healthier way of drinking carbonated drinks by making your own such as cola, root beer and with your favourite fruits... Sodastream is essential during my workouts and biking... When friends come over I used to worry about not having flavoured drinks and now we make them together!

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Ning Cai

Our trail-blazing tribe leader, Ning Cai, bestselling author and official ambassador for the Singapore Kindness Movement shares the top 3 secret things she loves about Sodastream:

  1. People always ask me what's the secret to my flawless complexion and the honest truth is... drinking lots of water! Sodastream helps keep me well-hydrated because it really makes water so easy to drink; especially now with the wide range of optional mixes like fruit infusions that's so easily available!
  2. The secret to how I keep trim is simple... We usually mistake thirst for hunger, loading up on carbs or sweets when we really should be drinking more water. My trusty Sodastream helps me with this, because its fizzy goodness fills up my tummy and help me not reach for the unhealthy stuff I'm craving!
  3. Because Sodastream is so portable and fuss-free, you'll be the life of the party especially at outdoor picnics with family or a day out at the beach with friends. More importantly, I'm also loving how it helps us be environmentally conscious too, so we can all play an important role in reducing plastic waste!

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Marie Choo

  1. I love that with Sodastream, I can stop buying bottled sparkling water for home use. It is a small way in which I can do my part to reduce the use of disposable bottles.
  2. I love that I can control the amount of fizz that I put in my water. Some days I like it fizzier, some days less.
  3. I love making my own flavoured sparkling water with fresh fruits and tea leaves. Great natural flavours but without added sugar like commercially avail ones.

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Clarence Lee

  1. Keep myself hydrated.
  2. Reduce use of one-time use bottles tremendously and cuz it's so portable and almost zero set-up necessary, I can bring to home parties and zest up drinks and make the parties even happier.
  3. Send as housewarming gifts to friends.....

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Denise Keller

Laugh. Really hard. That’s my yoga therapy. And amazing sparkly water from SodaStream Singapore. That’s probably why they made me their ambassador and why I feel so awesome everyday 🙏🏻💕.

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Daniel Chan

I love my Sodastream. My top 3 things I do with my Sodastream.

  1. Greatly reduce buying milk tea that uses plastic cups and straws.
  2. Only drink sodastream when I'm at the gym
  3. Only provide and promote sodastream water to hydrate our invited oversea coaches/trainers whenever we host a seminar/workshop

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Dawn Lee

SodaStream Waters Zeros Sparkling Drink Mix is naturally flavored and contains no calories. With no sugars, SodaStream Waters Zeros offer a better-for-you alternative 😇

Why SodaStream? 🤔
With SodaStream, I can add fizz into my energy drink by popping an electrolyte tablet into the sparkling water. No more sugar loaded energy drink for me 🤩
I use SodaStream to make sparkling water to entertain my guests at home. As the machine is cordless and portable, I can bring it to anywhere in the house 😎
My children are encouraged to drink more water. The thrill of making their own sparkling water at home also reduces the need to buy other bottled drinks 😍

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Dawn Sim

  1. I’ve managed to cut out the consumption of drinking sugar laden soft drinks from my household. The kids even help to prepare our beverages using our SodaStream machines on weekends before we head out!
  2. I use it to educate people on recycling and share about how I re-use the bottles instead of buying mineral water.
  3. I share about the importance of caring for our environment which is what SodaStream stands for and it usually starts off when people start commenting about my water bottles.

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Nabilah (Coach B)

Oh SodaStream! I love you. I don’t talk about this enough but how amazing it is to have sparkling water all day, every day!!!! .
I even have one at work and give my kids little sparkling treats when it’s a good session 😜#idontsweatisparkle ~
And and!! I serve my guests that come over infused fruit sparkling water. How dope guys. I love playing host and love all this little things that makes dinner a little more pretty. .
Invite me over to your house people! I love giving soda stream as house gifts! Let’s make atas water together 😜

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Nanz Chong-Komo

  1. We successfully got my kids off 90% of the sugary Soft Drinks!
  2. She also love to  bring it to Golf ..
  3. Send as housewarming gifts to friends.....

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Sparkle Note

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