Tribe SodaStream Luncheon at Ownselfmake Private Dining

Tribe SodaStream Luncheon at Ownselfmake Private Dining

Tribe SodaStream Leaders gathers for a luncheon at Ownselfmake Chef Private Dining!

If one walked pass by Ownselfmake Private Dining in the quiet neighbourhood of Tanglin Halt, one would hear thousand chatters and laughter. When Tribe SodaStream leaders got together, that was what happened - we talked, we joked, we enjoyed new SodaStream flavours, we ate Ownselfmake Chef local cuisine and brew new ideas how we can impact each other's or other’s lives. 


Our CEO Nanz Chong-Komo showing off our new SPIRIT Sparkling Water Maker in teal colour which will be arriving in Singapore soon! The Tribe loved the new colour and so do we - we are so anticipating the shipment arrival to flood the homes in Singapore with this ultra cool colour! 

OwnselfmakeChef Lunch Menu for Tribe SodaStream


Lunch is most enjoyed and appreciated in good company and that was what we had (psst... the food taste better than it looks! Pardon us for our photo taking skills!)

Vegetable_TempuraVegetable Tempura - Batter is made with SodaStream.

Vegan Tau Kwa Puffs (deep fried) with Sng Ngee (garlic chilli sauce) (Vegetarian) - soy braised mushrooms, chilli, crispy garlic, coriander, tau cheo, water chestnuts.

petai_beans_tagliatellePetai Beans Tagliatelle (Vegetarian)- Petai Beans with durian tempoyak sambal tossed through hand made tagliatelle. 

ownselfmake_nasik_lemakNasi Lemak with Coffee Sambal, Sambal Belachan, Omelette, Ikan Billis (Vegatarian)Chef Shen's hawker classic twice steamed Nasi Lemak with coffee sambal, sambal belachan. 

Beef Rendang - Chef Shen's fork tender beef rendang, slow cooked for 4 hours in aromatic lemak coconut rempah of lemongrass, blue ginger and turmeric.

Lamb Curry - the Wok & Barrel's signature tender slow cooked lamb curry

Crispy Rried Chicken - boneless chicken thigh, marinated for 48 hours, deep fried crispy juicy chicken. 

Vegetable rendang (Vegetarian) 


Lychee Bubbles (Vegetarian) - lychee kaffir lime sorbet with soda stream bubbled lychee jelly. 

Shendol (Vegetarian) - Coconut panna cotta with red bean ice cream.


Tribe SodaStream Leader Daniel Chan showing us Ning's newly launched book before leaving. For our interview with Ning, please click HERE to read. 

run-for -dog-marie-choo

Tribe SodaStream Leader Marie Choo receives a token from SodaStream Singapore to support her cause in fund raising for Run For Dogs to help dogs in shelters.  


aspirational-notesAll good things must come to an end and we left Ownselfmake Chef Private Dining Luncheon with so many aspirational notes from Tribe SodaStream Leaders. Look out for the canvas art at SodaStream Sparkling Center wall, they will be put up to remind us all our LOVE for SodaStream Sparkling Water!


Oh by the way, we just have to share this picture of Tribe SodaStream Leader Clarence Lee and his bike. He cycled home to demonstrate his efforts to take good care of our environment - less carbon foot prints.

If you are keen to experience Chef Shen's local cuisine affair at Ownselfmake Chef Private Dining, the menu accommodates minimum of 8 pax, maximum of 12 pax. For group bookings, please email Chef Shen at 

For more information, please visit

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Sparkle Note

Using non-SodaStream cylinders is not a good idea. All our CO2 cylinders are quality tested when refilled. SodaStream gas cylinders should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorized refilling of cylinders by third parties could be risky. SodaStream only warrants the safety of cylinders refilled by us, and SodaStream is not responsible for products of any other company or brand, which may damage the Sparkling Water Maker and void the warranty.