Crave for water?!

Crave for water?!


The amazing bubbles in sparkling water let us craved more of water!  Isn't it amazing to love our water more just by adding bubbles in the easiest way?

"Carbonating water, making into sparkling water creates carbonic acid, which is tasted by sour-sensing taste cells. Research has shown that a certain enzyme, carbonic anhydrase, sits on those cells and reacts with the acid to cause carbonated water's familiar popping sensation. (Fun fact: climbers who take altitude-sickness drugs that block the enzyme, then drink champagne, report the bubbly as having a dishwater-y taste.) That enzyme, combined with a reaction occurring in the body's trigeminal nerve, could be what gives carbonated water its unique sensation. But if you were an alien studying human taste habits (for the coming food-based invasion?), you might expect carbonated water to be downright repellent: the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drinks triggers pain receptors." Colin Lecher,

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Sparkle Note

Using non-SodaStream cylinders is not a good idea. All our CO2 cylinders are quality tested when refilled. SodaStream gas cylinders should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorized refilling of cylinders by third parties could be risky. SodaStream only warrants the safety of cylinders refilled by us, and SodaStream is not responsible for products of any other company or brand, which may damage the Sparkling Water Maker and void the warranty.