How To Drink More Water

How To Drink More Water

It can be hard to keep track of your water intake, especially when you live a busy lifestyle.

However, water is necessary for survival regardless of the environment you're in. It's because water makes up the majority of your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and kidneys. Water is essential to your health because it makes up to to 60% of an adult's body weight.

In addition to keeping you from being dehydrated, water has many other uses in your body. It is necessary for healthy circulation, aids your body's natural cleansing process, cushions your joints, and helps regulate body temperature.

Meanwhile, not drinking enough water can affect your energy levels, emotions, memory, focus, and concentration. Rehydration boosts alertness, cheerfulness, and mental clarity after a brief period of dehydration. (More about the benefits of drinking water.)

Here are some tips to drink water or increase your water intake, in general, to help you stay hydrated.

Use a Water Bottle

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You should have a water bottle with you throughout the day as you carry out your daily routine to make sure you get your fluid needs. If you're forgetful, you can try to keep water bottles filled around the house, in your car, and in all your bags.

You should know how much water your water bottle holds. If it holds less than 500g, you need to fill it up at least 4 times a day.

If you aren't, set reminders on your phone and chug water from your water bottle before refilling it.

Reduce Sugary Drinks

Other beverages like lemonade, sugary coffee, sports drinks, and soda may have high water content, but they have so much added sugar that can lead to many health problems.

It only makes sense to cut those other drinks out of our diet. However, this drastic change to plain water may be hard so try adding a little bit of juice from real fruits to your water to add flavour!ls

Always Have Water With Meals

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Drinking water with your meals is so important. Make sure you have a full glass of water or even two glasses of water to make sure you're getting adequate hydration.

That way, you can sip water as you eat your meal to avoid dry mouth.

Drinking one glass of water for every meal and refilling your water bottle 4 times a day as recommended should get you your hydration needs.

Building Habits

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Drinking water can be all about habits. For example, try to drink a glass of water after every bathroom break.

Since you're already getting up from your desk, why not take the time to drink more water?

This way, you can start building a habit of rehydrating yourself.

Get a High Tech Water Bottle

There are digital water bottles that have smartphone apps that can even track when you're sipping water.

You can set reminders on these apps to help you drink more water throughout the day!

Change It Up

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If switching to plain water seems so drastic, try to add fruit juice to your water bottle. As mentioned, feel free to add fruits and vegetables like lemon, cucumber, lime, and more.

An alternative is to add extra ice. In fact, you can make ice cubes from herbal tea or fruit-infused ice cubes to add a little flair to your drink.

Check out our recipes for flavourful yet healthy drinks!

Eat Water Rich Foods


There are so many fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Not only do they help you get more water intake, they are also super healthy and nutritional for your body and organs.

Avoid eating salty stuff to reduce water retention.

One To One Rule When Drinking Alcohol

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There's a common drinking rule that you've probably heard of — drink a glass of water for every cocktail you have.

This is a good way to keep yourself hydrated and, in some cases, can even prevent a hangover!

Drink Carbonated Water

Sometimes plain water can be so boring. When it comes to sparkling or mineral water, people tend to choose sparkling water because carbonated water just has some flair to it.


Make Staying Hydrated Fun with SodaStream!

Having a water filter in your house may not be enough to get you to drink enough water.

A bottle of plain old water can turn into sparkling water in a matter of seconds with your own SodaStream sparkling water maker at home!

With our sparkling water makers, you can get carbonated water with ease and efficiency. In fact, surveys have shown that our users drink 43% more water after switching to SodaStream.

More than just providing convenience, getting a SodaStream machine is the golden investment for your home and lifestyle.

In just 3 seconds, you can get a refreshing bottle of premium, homemade sparkling water that recharges you to carry on for the rest of the day.

Add our syrup mixes to make drinking water as fun as conventional sugary drinks without health concerns! Our mixes only have 1/3 the sugar of store-bought sodas while serving as a good source of vitamins B3, B6, D and E.

Elevate your water intake experience with our exciting yet easy solutions:

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