How to Pick a Good Water Dispenser in Singapore

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Need a quick cup of hot coffee? But now you have to spend time boiling water. Or you ran out of cold water and ice in the fridge.

Save the hassle and get yourself a water dispenser for your home for 24/7 access to hot, cold and warm water instantly.

But with all the different types of water dispensers in Singapore, how do you pick one?

Join SodaStream as we help you discover the right hot-cold water dispenser!


What Makes a Good Water Dispenser?

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Design and Space

Worried about a bulky water dispenser affecting your home aesthetic or making your kitchen look cluttered?

Water dispensers can come in different types such as wall-mounted, tabletop water dispensers and even free-standing water dispensers.

They even come in different sizes and designs to match the look you're going for in your home.

If you have the space and money for floor-standing water dispensers, some even come with a cooler for food and drinks so you can have your snacks ready in the office or even study space.

Price Point and Features

You can get an affordable water dispenser or a more pricey one for additional features, such as making alkaline water from normal tap water or an in-built water filter.

If you're looking for a hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore that will last, you might consider forking out a little more money.

Quality water dispensers in Singapore come with a long warranty period and complimentary maintenance. They are usually more durable and made of stellar materials.

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Water Flow Rate

Don't want to stand in front of your water dispenser for a full minute just to fill a cup of hot or cold water?

That's why looking at the dispenser's water flow rate is important. For a faster dispenser, it can be more on the pricey side. Trust us - faster is better. After all, you're getting a water dispenser so you can get drinking water quicker right?


Have a big family or a lot of roommates?

You might consider opting for a large-capacity water dispenser so that no one goes thirsty between refills.

You could even go for a tankless water purifier, also known as a direct piping water dispenser. These types of water dispensers connect directly to your housing's water pipes for an unlimited flow of cold or hot water.

Purification and Filtration System

Filters and purifying features are not available for bottled water dispensers.

POU units, on the other hand, typically feature water filters (built-in or add-on) to assure high-quality clean and chemical-free water instantly.


Our Recommendations for Water Dispensers In Singapore

Wells The One Water Purifier

If you're looking for a water dispenser that can satisfy your every need, this tankless water dispenser is the one for you.

Wells The One Water Dispenser and PurifierAs the world's slimmest tankless water purifier, its sleek and minimal design allows it to be placed anywhere from next to your sink to the top of your kitchen island.

It's also very user friendly, with multiple volumes and temperature settings making it easy to make baby milk on the go with baby formula.

Its high-quality direct pipe faucet can also spin 180 degrees, allowing you to dispense drinking water in whatever direction you desire!

Their 9 step nanofiltration system and overall hygienic sterilizing system also guarantee your safety and health while the purifier dispenses high-quality drink water.


Novita Water Purifier

If you're just looking for a water dispenser and don't care about the heating technology, the Novita countertop water purifier is for you.

It's more affordably priced as it does not dispense instant hot water and has a 3 stage filtration system. So if you just enjoy drinking room temperature water, this is perfect for you.


Cosmo Quantum Water Dispenser

If you're looking for something in between, the Cosmo quantum water dispenser might just be for you.

cosmo quantum water dispenser

With a 6 stage purification process and built-in UV sterilization system, the water is safe to drink, even for baby formula.

It is very user friendly with various temperature and volume options. It's also small enough to keep on the tabletop or under the cabinets.


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