Thanks to Singapore’s Prime Minister, everyone and their favourite aunt is now switching to
brown rice and avoiding sugary drinks.

Many people are taking PM Lee’s advice to cut down on sugary drinks and food with a high
glycemic index, like white rice. This is great news! It’s what Nanz started this business for: to
get people to switch to drinking more water instead of sugared drink, and to promote better
health for the whole family.
But there are some of us who still need our sweet fix. SodaStream understands.
That’s why we have a range of delicious, naturally-flavoured Drinks Mixes, created to let you
have more fun with your sparkling SodaStream water. Our Drinks Mixes are really special:

• Regular SodaStream flavors contain 2/3 less sugar, 2/3 less calories and 2/3 less carbs
than similarly-packaged sodas. 
• We don’t use High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). SodaStream flavors contain natural cane
sugar rather than HFCS frequently used in regular sodas.
• Our Diet flavours do not contain aspartame.
• SodaStream Naturals line of products is made from all-natural ingredients: no artificial
flavours, no artificial coloring, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and no high
fructose corn syrup.

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