Ning the Magician & Author

Ning the Magician & Author


Formerly known as Magic Babe Ning, Ning Cai is a veritable wonder in the world of magic, as one of very few female magicians. She has performed on the world stage and on international TV and won many received multiple awards for her magic and mentalism. 

Wearing many hats, Ning is also a prolific writer with five (and counting) best-selling books under her belt, her latest book MisDirection topped best seller list since its debut beating Harry Potter and The Little Prince in sales.

You may also have seen Ning on television. She acted in Eat Already (Season 3) and hosted the Channel 5 show Meat & Greed (Season 2). She has also been a TEDx speaker, a panelist at the Singapore Writers’ Festival, and she is a committee member of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO).

SS: Ning, you have more energy than 10 people put together, you wear so many hats and do many things. What drives you? Why do you live life like there's no tomorrow?

Ning: Thank you! I'm a huge believer that you need to live life and not just merely exist. This revelation actually came about at 21, when I had a cancer scare and had to come face to face with my mortality. The scar from that operation still remains on my right cheek, and serves as my daily reminder to always live life to the fullest! That's why I always urge everyone at the public talks I've done; like for TEDx or even book events and school talks, to always chase your dreams and work hard to make them a reality! 

SS: What stresses you out? How do you decompress?

Ning: Like many other Singaporeans, I juggle projects constantly; and deadlines are a very real matter. It can be stressful and pressurising but having good friends who are your tribe really helps! Work/Life Balance is very important and with the world moving so fast today, where work is discussed over WhatsApp and email has become "slow", quality Me Time is a very essential so I try to find some time to pamper myself with a foot massage and restrain from checking my phone for that blissful ninety minutes! 

SS: You look like you have a bucket list... what else is on it that you haven't yet started working on?

Ning: I actually have several lists; a To Do List that has the two more novels I've yet to finish for the ongoing Savant Series, and at the top of my Bucket List right now is my dream to pursue my Masters. It's going to be a reality soon as I've sent in my application to study in the UK later the year, and I'm currently waiting to hear back on my scholarship application as well! I felt I totally missed out with the whole experience of studying overseas because I did a part-time degree after working a few years to save up for school. So now I'm taking the steps to make my dreams happen; you can too with some focus, positivity and tenacity!

SS: You have many many magical powers but which one is your most powerful?

Ning: Hmmm… in a way, the law of attraction works for me, because I'm so very blessed to be surrounded by good people! Truly, I am extremely thankful that I have amazing friends who are supportive, protective, and an inspiration to me. They constantly push me to be the very best version of myself, remind me that the world is a beautiful place, and how important it is to be kind to others and to oneself. I'm just a regular human being and it is the work of these wonderful people that lend that magical touch!

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