Lululemon ION celebrates 3 years at ION with #CONNECTWITHYOURBREATH. The 2-weeks anniversary celebration aims to promote the awareness of our 5 senses:


Sight - Colourful markers are placed near the mandala for all (to draw) to connect with their creative inner child. 


Taste - Making fresh delicious SodaStream Sparkling Water infusions for all to stimulate taste buds.

Fresh SodaStream Sparkling Water infusions are made by SodaStream retail ambassador JP.

Lululemon customers trying out delicious SodaStream Sparkling Water infusion made by JP.

Smell - DIY scent bar to connect with sense of scent.

Hearing - Customers listen into the meditative podcast via ipad at 5 Sense station to bring focus back to breath. 

Touch - In-store signs for tactile sense of touch.   

The Christmas season can be hectic with all the last minute planning and shopping, we should take a moment to connect to our breath and get more out of every minute. 

We are at the Lululemon ION store 5 Senses Corner from 14 - 26 December 2017, be sure to drop by to try the delicious SodaStream Sparkling Water infusions. 


Lululemon ION - 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-11, Singapore 238801. 

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