A Fizzy Treat with a 1/3 Less Sugar

A Fizzy Treat with a 1/3 Less Sugar

Enjoying your beverage while consuming lesser sugar & healthier?

Wanted to award yourself a fizzy treat but concerned about sugar intake and health?
This just became more challenging: Singapore’s Health Promotion Board has introduced Nutrigrade, a health grading system that alerts consumers of the sugar levels in commercial beverages, with A being the healthiest and D being the least.

Studies have revealed that flavoured water is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe, and on track to be a US$29 billion market in five years. With Singapore’s push towards healthier and lower consumption of sugar, flavoured water is likely to only become more popular over the years, replacing traditional soft drinks.


Drinking well doesn’t have to be boring!

Introducing you - SodaStream that suits best your needs, which is much funnier, fizzier and healthier.


1. Healthy drinking lifestyle—with style

Enjoy your freshly fizzed water plain, with a slice of fruit, or if you prefer a touch of sweetness, we offer a dazzling range of drink mixes—everything from fruity syrups to popular flavours such as cola—so you can dress up your drink according to your personal preference.

2. Lesser sugar intake

Did you know that a single can of a popular soda contains 39 grams of sugar? SodaStream offers you the ability to make your own fizzy treat with a third less sugar. Made with natural cane sugar and authentic fruit essence, SodaStream takes its water flavours as seriously as its sparkling water.

Every bottle of our drink mixes can flavour up to 9 litres of sparkling water, saving you money and saving the environment from needless single-use plastics. Not only that, but our syrups offer 100% of taste with 33% less sugar. You can also enjoy zero sugar options, made with Stevia, or our refreshing water drops that add flavour—not calories—to your sparkling water. We concern every individual we serve with utmost pride. 
With the plethora of options from SodaStream, you can enjoy your sparkling water in a dozen different and healthy ways—you are limited only by your own imagination! 


3. Customizable fun-drinks in just minutes.

Do you believe that you can enjoy a freshly homemade cocktail anytime at home? Whip up a Highball with a shot of bourbon, any Drink Mix flavour you fancy—lime, lemon, grapefruit—and top it up with cold, freshly fizzed SodaStream water!

No-alcohol? No problem! Now you can customize your own mocktail at home. Add fresh passionfruit pulp and Lime Drink Mix to your cold SodaStream carbonated water and top with a slice of orange for a refreshing Happy Hour treat.

Cravings for dessert?
Make your own SodaStream ice cream float! Cold SodaStream sparkling water meets our delicious, lower-sugar Cola syrup, topped with a scoop of your favourite ice cream flavour!

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