CEO Nanz Chong-Komo visits Greenpeace Ship

CEO Nanz Chong-Komo visits Greenpeace Ship

With a mission to raise awareness about the threat of plastic pollution to our oceans, Greenpeace group sail round the world on the Greenpeace ship sail round the world to accomplish this mission. It is God’s will that the Greenpeace Ship berthed in Hawaii where our CEO Nanz Chong-Komo was at that time. With all the talks of plastic and microplastics recently, it’s an opportune time for Nanz to learn more about the fight against plastic particularly single-use plastic on board Greenpeace Ship.

With an entrepreneur DNA, Nanz started her early life as a model at 16 and was exposed to the world of fashion and the opulent consumerism that came with it. She started One99 stores with only one store and expanded to 14 stores all within a matter of seven short years. When sars knocked on Singapore’s door, people were advised against shopping in crowded places for fear catching the deadly disease. The business of One99 dwindled and Nanz was declared bankrupt in 2003 which led her to many entrepreneurial lessons. Adopting “Less Is More” in her ways of living in recent years, Nanz picked to embrace minimalism in her approach to simplify her lifestyle - her wardrobe, style and personal care. Decluttering successfully the Versaces and Chanels and upcycling at thrift stores, investing in intangibles like great experiences and education. Nanz adopts a philosophy which helps the mind think better with less things - cluttered environment results in cluttered mind.

It was a marriage made in heaven when SodaStream when she was first started dating them as an avid advocator when it comes to ‘Less is More’ - upcycling and minimalism. The marriage gave Nanz an opportunity to strengthen her core beliefs and healthy and environment friendly ideas to flow easily - ‘Less plastic, Buy less, Use less’ - it was her way of life and this is synonymous with SodaStream’s mission to save the world from plastic pollution.

The world may not realize but there is no better time to care about our environment and stop plastic pollution! With that in mind, Nanz visited Greenpeace Ship and is eager to share her experience with us.



Plastic floating in the ocean can potentially breakdown into microplastic which can be ingested by marine life and in make its way to us. Click HERE to read more.



One WORLD one MISSION - Stop Ocean abuse, Stop plastic abuse and be



We know that being part of SodaStream is the right thing because SodaStream shares a great mission like Greenpeace’s to stop plastic pollution globally. SodaStream created a device - ‘Holy Turte’ - in October 2018 to clean up trash from the Honduras ocean. To make device accessible for anyone who cares and want to stop plastic pollution, the ‘Holy Turtle’ is not patented so that anyone or company can also contribute to this cause! It is TIME FOR A CHANGE, even Sir Rod Stewart is singing for the ocean - against the abuse by the use of our single-use plastic!


"SodaStream is standing together with Greenpeace in the fight against polluting plastic bottles.

Share for a better future" - for a better planet and cleaner oceans by supporting Greenpeace's campaign against Coke.

This planet belongs to the future generation and it is our responsibility to look after her while we are here. Stop the ocean abuse and join us as SodaStream help save the world from single-use plastic bottles! Makes the change NOW and get your own reusable bottles HERE.

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