UPDATED 5th April 2020 

Please be advised that due to this global Covid19 #STAYHOME season, we have been experiencing a surge of orders for home deliveries. Our 3rd Party Logistic Partner (3PL) is working hard to get the orders out to you. This is an unprecedented time in human history, as such, there is a high chance that your orders may be delayed.  We seek your gracious understanding, and we have been proactive in implementing extra due diligence at the back-end to look after you - our customers.

We wish you the best of health and thank you for making the healthy choice - both for you and for the planet, by using SodaStream! 


Our company, Komo Pte Ltd, initiated home delivery service for SodaStream CO2 Cylinder Refill Exchange at your doorstep in April 2017. This is one of the firsts in the world of SodaStream family worldwide. We are thankful for many praises, encouragement and feedback from the SodaStream community to fuel us to continue in the path of excellence.


Our fulfillment process is not prefect like the way we like it to be ( yes, we are customers ourselves and we totally understand! ), we make occasional errors now and then... I am however, grateful to the 3PL Partner and my team that we are performing above the current industry average. The lessons we learn will continue to be the drivers as we review the processes weekly. Aligning prudent business practices, we have no intention to own a fleet of delivery vehicles nor do we wish to manage a logistic team; we chose to focus on what we do best and hence outsourced to professional what they do best - fulfillment of your orders.


My team and I appreciate you, our customers who have embarked on this journey with SodaStream -  we thank you for your patience when things do go a little off...May I share some of the real challenges we face specifically in this reverse logistic delivery fulfillment:

  1. The delivery for the "Exchange CO2 Cylinder" is a "reverse logistic fulfillment". We collect your empties and deliver our filled ones at the same time. This require more attention in the process than most of the common one-way online shopping fulfillment.
  2. Customers are not home / empty cylinders at their decided delivery timing. (Empties were not ready to be collected by our 3PL partner.)
  3. Customers ordered the wrong quantity (example, they ordered 3 exchanges but only have 2 empties to be collected...). This will trigger another handling process in our system.
  4. Traffic condition or unforeseen circumstances such as drivers' well being, vehicles stalled, computer system malfunction... will cause unintended delay which understandably some customers are not able to accommodate the delay. 


We will continue to strive for excellence and efficiency while balancing business costs,  we DO NOT WISH to burden our customers with unneeded high charges in the pursuit of perfection... We weigh costs versus benefits seriously in making decisions. It is an undeniably global dream for all businesses, that customers receive their orders with joy and smile on their faces, every time, every delivery and as for us, with every SodaStream!

When we do make blunders, my team and I will do what is fair and right to assist our customers and most importantly, learn from them! 

Once again, thank you and I wish you best of health to you and your family!


Nanz Chong-Komo


CEO, Komo Pte Ltd

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Sparkle Note

Using non-SodaStream cylinders is not a good idea. All our CO2 cylinders are quality tested when refilled. SodaStream gas cylinders should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorized refilling of cylinders by third parties could be risky. SodaStream only warrants the safety of cylinders refilled by us, and SodaStream is not responsible for products of any other company or brand, which may damage the Sparkling Water Maker and void the warranty.