SodaStream Singapore's Ambassador Natalie will run from Thailand to Singapore

SodaStream Singapore's Ambassador Natalie will run from Thailand to Singapore

SodaStream Singapore's Ambassador, Natalie Dau and Project 1000!

Natalie Dau loves SodaStream sparkling water. As a celebrated fitness enthusiast and influencer, Natalie finds sparkling water to be a refreshing and healthier alternative to sugary beverages, perfectly aligning with her commitment to a balanced and active lifestyle. She often shares her love for SodaStream on social media, highlighting its convenience, eco-friendliness, and the variety of flavours it offers.

Whether she's at home or on the go, Natalie enjoys the crisp, effervescent delight of sparkling water, making it an integral part of her daily hydration routine. Her advocacy not only promotes a healthier way of living but also underscores the environmental benefits of reducing single-use plastic bottles, resonating with her followers who are eager to make more sustainable choices.

Natalie Dau, a Singapore-based 10-time ultramarathon winner, is set to undertake a groundbreaking solo run of 1,000 km. She will run the equivalent of two marathons (42.2 km each) daily over 12 days, raising funds to support underprivileged women and girls.

Natalie, 52 aims to inspire others with this extraordinary feat, showcasing the power of perseverance, determination, and the ability to surpass boundaries while challenging personal and societal expectations.

Natalie will start her run in Hat Yai, Thailand, on Saturday, May 25th. Her epic journey will take her through Thailand and Malaysia, concluding in Singapore on Wednesday, June 5th, in celebration of Global Running Day. She will run the final two marathons in Singapore, beginning in Woodlands and following a trail that leads her to the finish line.

Media & Partner Event with SodaStream Singapore

SodaStream Singapore's participation in the event was a natural fit, as the brand shares Natalie Dau's passion for promoting healthier living. Their innovative home carbonation systems allow users to create sparkling water at the touch of a button, offering a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and single-use plastic bottles. By serving zero sugar, zero calorie fizzy drinks, SodaStream demonstrates its dedication to providing refreshing beverages without compromising on health.

A Healthy Hydration Solution

Throughout the media and partner event, SodaStream Singapore showcased its range of flavors and sparkling water options, allowing attendees to enjoy delicious fizzy drinks without the guilt of added sugars or calories. From classic sparkling water to fruit-infused flavours, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Supporting Natalie's Vision

As Natalie Dau embarks on her epic journey, she carries with her the hopes and support of a community committed to making a positive impact. SodaStream Singapore is proud to be part of this incredible endeavor, celebrating not just the milestones achieved but also the many lives that will be touched and transformed along the way.

Stay tuned for updates on Natalie’s journey and join us in supporting her remarkable run, a testament to the power of perseverance, community, and the pursuit of a healthier, more sustainable future.


For additional information on Project 1000 and to follow Natalie’s live updates:
Instagram: @rockstararms
Facebook: @rockstararms


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