SodaStream Singapore and Natalie Dau's Record-Breaking Journey with Project 1000

SodaStream Singapore and Natalie Dau's Record-Breaking Journey with Project 1000

SodaStream Singapore and Natalie Dau's Record-Breaking Journey with Project 1000

Running has always been more than just a sport. It's about pushing boundaries, breaking records, and creating unforgettable moments. This is exactly what happened when Natalie Dau, an accomplished athlete and fitness influencer, embarked on her ambitious Project 1000 in Singapore.

Natalie, along with her dedicated team, embarked on Project 1000, aiming to break the Guinness World Record - running 1000km from Thailand to Singapore, 2x marathons a day for 12 days! As part of this exciting journey, SodaStream Singapore proudly partnered with Natalie to support her mission and celebrate her remarkable achievements.

A Sparkling Collaboration

Natalie Dau, known for her relentless pursuit of fitness goals, set out to break the Guinness World Record with her Project 1000. This initiative was not just about setting a record but also about inspiring thousands of people to take on their own fitness challenges, also raising funds for GRLS to empower girls through sport.

SodaStream Singapore, a brand synonymous with innovation and health, saw a perfect synergy with Natalie’s project. We were thrilled to support her and her team by providing refreshing, sparkling water to keep them hydrated throughout their grueling efforts.

Witnessing History in the Making

The day of the event was filled with anticipation and excitement. Fitness enthusiasts, supporters, and fans gathered to witness Natalie and her team take on the challenge.

The atmosphere was electric, and the energy was palpable as they ran through the beautiful landscapes of Singapore. As the hours passed and the distance accumulated, it became clear that history was in the making.

Breaking the Guinness World Record

The climax of Project 1000 was nothing short of spectacular. With determination and resilience, Natalie and her team crossed the finish line, smashing the Guinness World Record. The crowd erupted in cheers, and the sense of achievement was overwhelming. It was a moment of triumph that would be remembered for years to come.

Refreshing the Champions

After the record-breaking run, it was time for celebrations. SodaStream Singapore was there to serve Natalie and her team with the best refreshment possible – cold, fizzy sparkling water made with our SodaStream Black ART Sparkling Water Maker. This sleek and stylish machine, along with our Zero Sugar, Zero Calorie drink mixes, provided the perfect beverage to rehydrate and celebrate their success.

Cheers to Everyone

The celebration wasn’t limited to just the runners. Everyone who came to witness the event was treated to refreshing sparkling drinks. The SodaStream Black ART Sparkling Water Maker was a hit, demonstrating its ease of use and the ability to create delicious, healthy drinks in seconds. It was a perfect way to end an extraordinary day, ensuring that everyone left with not just memories but also a taste of SodaStream's innovative hydration solutions.


SodaStream Singapore's involvement in Natalie Dau's Project 1000 was more than just a sponsorship. It was a celebration of perseverance, fitness, and the joy of achieving the extraordinary. We are proud to have been part of such an inspiring event and to have provided the sparkling refreshment that fueled both the participants and the supporters. Here’s to more records, more achievements, and more sparkling moments together.


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