Why Should You Drink Sparkling Water? (It’s Not A Trick Question)

Why Should You Drink Sparkling Water? (It’s Not A Trick Question)

Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? Drinking sparkling water is fun and delicious! What other reason would you need to enjoy your SodaStream water every day?


But in truth there are many benefits to drinking sparkling water that you may not be aware of. Read on and find out all the reasons to keep loving that fizz.


  1. Sparkling water keeps you hydrated

Okay, the fact is that water keeps you hydrated—sparkling water is just a more glamorous way to stave off dehydration. Being dehydrated is no fun: headaches, tiredness, dry mouth are just some of the side effects of your body lacking water. With our busy lifestyles, it’s all too common that we forget to drink water (because let’s face it, plain water is ... just plain). The danger arises when we stay dehydrated day after day—chronic dehydration can cause irreparable harm to the kidneys and digestive system, not to mention the heart. When you’re dehydrated your heart has to work harder, resulting in heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat. So drink water, people. Drink SodaStream sparkling water, which is healthy and delicious and contains no junk.


  1. Sparkling water keeps you trim

If you’re looking to lose those couple of kilogrammes, begin with using your SodaStream more and drinking more water. Staying hydrated is really key to maintaining a healthy weight. Did you know that humans tend to eat more because they are thirsty? Yes, sometimes we’re not that smart. So, stay ahead of the game by drinking lots of water—SodaStream is here to help you make your daily intake of fluids easier and more pleasurable. Drinking water makes you feel full and stay feeling full longer, so you’re not constantly reaching out for food. Cheers to a skinnier new you!


  1. Sparking water beats soft drinks every time

We already covered weight, but it begs to be emphasized that commercial sodas are no good for you. They are basically empty calories. Water is the best drink for you, but water can be boring. The solution: SodaStream! It turns your boring water into exciting, delicious bubbles with zero calories (and none of those preservatives or artificial sweeteners in commercial zero calorie drinks). Drink healthier, stay healthier, and say goodbye to soft drinks!


  1. Sparkling water improves digestion and bowel movement

Research has shown that drinking sparkling water aids with digestion by making swallowing easier, and it helps move your bowels. If you’re experiencing constipation, try fizzing your water with your SodaStream machine and drink those magic bubbles—they should get your engine declogged in no time!


  1. Sparkling water can be good for your heart

A study with a small group of menopausal women showed that sodium-rich carbonated water helped reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), as well as reduced inflammation in the body. What great news! Not only can you enjoy your SodaStream daily, you can also improve your heart health doing so. That’s what we call a bonus!


  1. Sparkling water might be good for your bones

Though there isn’t very much human research on this, it has been shown in an animal study that consuming carbonated water improved the leg strength in hens. Yes, we know you are not hens, but having greater leg strength can only be a good thing. PS if you are keeping pet hens, do treat them to some SodaStream water. It’s good for them!


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