10 Reasons Why You Need Fruit Infusions

10 Reasons Why You Need Fruit Infusions

Many of us don’t hydrate well enough because we don’t drink enough water. We should be drinking more water in our hot weather because we are constantly losing water through our pores! But for some of us, we find it hard to drink water because normal water is boring and doesn’t taste good, hence many of us turn to soft drinks as it taste better (although it is sweetened with sugar and it is not healthy).

'About 400,000 Singaporeans are diabetic and one in three has a lifetime risk of developing the disease.' From 'Why are Singaporeans so prone to diabetes, they can't produce enough insulin' by Straits Time

You can choose your vitamins intake daily with your choice of fruits

We found a healthy solution to love our water - infusing SodaStream Sparkling Water with fruits makes it take more delicious - and to quench our thirsty lips! Infused waters are great for detoxification, boosting energy and hydration. Pop as many fruits in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

Do u know even one can of soda is too much for a child each day? A can of soda contains approximately 8 teaspoons of sugar and THAT’S ALOT! Do we even put 8 teaspoons of sugar into our coffee?

The benefits of changing our habits to drinking infused water are endless:

  1. Weight loss.
  2. Toxin removal or detox.
  3. Better digestive health.
  4. Boosting immune function.
  5. Boosting hydration.
  6. Increasing energy levels.
  7. Improving complexion.
  8. Alleviate headaches.
  9. Regulate blood sugar.
  10. Anti-inflammatory.

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Common recipes:

  • Green tea, Mint & Lime Infusion;
  • Strawberry & Kiwi Infusion;
  • Cucumber, Lime & Lemon Infusion;
  • Lemon, Lime & Orange Infusion (drink this one at room temperature.

With SodaStream Sparkling Infusions, you decide the level of fizz you want and the vitamins you want with the choice of fruits, all these without the use of sugar! Loving your water and upping your hydration game has never been that easy!

Click HERE for Minty Lime Sparkler Recipe.

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