SodaStream Singapore Christmas Bar Tour

SodaStream Singapore Christmas Bar Tour


Water Made Exciting: that was exactly what happened when we unleashed Glenfiddich Highball Whisky Cocktail recipes and delicious SodaStream Sparkling Water Infusions recipes on our recent media drop!

In the spirit of Christmas, we brought our portable SodaStream Christmas Bar to our friends in the media to show them how we sparkle their Christmas with SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker!



Getting ready for:


The team trying out the SodaStream Whisky Highball. 

Salt Magazine


JP, SodaStream Retail Ambassador making SodaStream Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Water. 


Salt Magazine team trying SodaStream Sparkling Water. 


Nanz Chong-Komo with Salt Magazine editors before we hit the road for the next media.

SG Magazine


The team at SG Magazine watching attentively how SodaStream Whisky Highball is made.


The happy faces when it was time for a well-deserved drink. 

Day 2


The set up for Epicure and Bites magazine.

T Singapore


The set up at T Singapore pantry - one of the editors, Patrick shared his personal stash with the team to create a delicious SodaStream Whisky Highball.  

Her World Plus


Group shot with Her World Plus editor Marie Ann Soh. 

Day 3


Home & Decor writer fizzing water. shape_home_decor

Nanz Chong-Komo addressing the team at Home & Décor and Shape magazine.  


SodaStream Glenffidich Whisky Highball. 

Nanz Chong_Komo with Home & Decor editor

Harper's BAZAAR


The excitement to show hand over to Glenfiddich Whisky Representative to make the famous SodaStream Glenfiddich Whisky Highball.


Glenfiddich Whisky Representative making the SodaStream Glenfiddich Whisky Highball. 


"Do we put 8 teaspoons of sugar into our coffee? That's a slow suicide to diabetes!" Nanz Chong referring to the amount of sugar in soft drinks. harpers_bazaar

Group shot with the Harper's Bazaar team. 

Expat Living


The set up at Expat Living Singapore office. 


Everyone at Expat Living was tuning in and enjoyed the drinks we brought. 

Media Corp - iWeekly and Elle


Group shot with Elle

and i-weekly editors. 

The SodaStream Christmas Bar Tour was organized by Insider Communications with the support of Glenfiddich. 

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Sparkle Note

Using non-SodaStream cylinders is not a good idea. All our CO2 cylinders are quality tested when refilled. SodaStream gas cylinders should only be maintained and refilled by SodaStream. Unauthorized refilling of cylinders by third parties could be risky. SodaStream only warrants the safety of cylinders refilled by us, and SodaStream is not responsible for products of any other company or brand, which may damage the Sparkling Water Maker and void the warranty.