Stop Microplastics from Getting into Your GUT

Stop Microplastics from Getting into Your GUT

When plastic was first invented in 1907, it was meant to make our lives convenient. Little did we know that it caused more harm than good over the last century - global warming, endangering marine life, pollution, many to name. We can’t begin to tell what plastic has done and having a lifespan of over 400 years, it has polluted planet Earth and caused the marine life to suffer when they ingest plastic in the ocean.


Back of a turtle is dented because it was stuck in a plastic fishing net for years before it was rescued. Photo by Katherine Sng


A whale in Thailand died from ingesting 80 pound of plastic. Photograph: National Geograhic


"Researchers have long suspected microplastics would eventually be found in the human gut. One study estimated that people who regularly eat shellfish may be consuming as much as 11,000 plastic pieces per year." TodayOnline 24 October 2018

Polluting the environment and endangering marine life is only the tip of the iceberg. It is not surprising how plastic found its way into our guts. Yes, the latest talk about plastic found in our gut is true. In fact, they are microplastic which are found in our clothing (synthetic fibres) are washed into rivers and streams ending up on downstream in the ocean. This microplastics are eventually ingested by the marine life - fishes - which become food for us when they are caught by fisherman.


Holy Turtle Clean up in Honduras. Photo by Inbar Medina

SodaStream, an advocate of healthy environment lifestyle had the foresight to manufacture products that replaces single-use plastic and is the first commercial company to build “Holy Turtle” an innovative 1000-foot-long contraption to collect plastic from open water - to clean up the ocean from harmful plastic trash. The “Holy Turtle” piloted today off the coast of Roatán, Honduras, as part of a clean-up movement lead by CEO Daniel Birnbaum. Along with 150 SodaStream executives, environmental specialists, representatives of the Plastic Soup Foundation, Honduran government officials and hundreds of children from local schools, the clean up took 48 hours and collected 8 tonnes of plastic trash!


Plastic collected by the Holy Turtle will be used for Fighting One-Use Plastic exhibitions that aim to raise awareness about the magnitude of plastic in oceans - using the Holy Turtle project as an educational tool for people around the world.

460 billion tonnes of plastic is used daily worldwide and has polluted the whole eco-system with plastic and microplastic. There is no better time for us to start reducing the single-use plastic and stop using them. We see Asian countries are slowly catching on the anti-plastic awareness - using recyclable bags in place of plastic, metal straws for single use plastic straws and so many more. We need to change the way our culture works - The WANT More culture - less is more and upcycling is the efforts to take back our beautiful earth from the plastic users!

Join us as SodaStream help save the world from single-use plastic bottles! Even Sir Rod Stewart is singing for the ocean - against the abuse by the use of our single-use plastic! Makes the change NOW and get your own reusable bottles HERE

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