How SodaStream® Plays a Part in the Singapore Green Plan 2030

How SodaStream® Plays a Part in the Singapore Green Plan 2030

Dubbed a ‘City in a Garden’, Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world. With nearly half of its land area filled with lush greenery (an estimated 700 km²), this bustling metropolis long embraced nationwide initiatives towards preventing climate change (before it was a global concern). That’s why it’s no surprise that an all-encompassing plan is set in place gearing toward a sustainable future — Singapore Green Plan 2030.

This Green Plan is a national agenda designed to deepen its dedication to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement. It maps out clear and bold goals over the next 10 years that’ll help position the nation strategically to accomplish its long-term aspiration of zero emissions by 2050. The plan will transform the island’s landscape through pivotal measures that enrich every dimension of life.

Being a low-lying island state, Singapore is one of many others at risk of rising-water impact alongside other megacities like Mumbai, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City. The country and its leaders are acutely aware of this phenomenon — that's why a sustainability movement as massive as this requires the partnerships of these national governing bodies:

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of National Development
  • Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Transport

While the authorities work on comprehensive efforts to roll out this green plan, the real heartbeat of fighting climate change lies with lifestyle changes and daily habits. From switching plastic bags to recyclable bags and getting coffee-to-stay instead of coffee-to-go, you are playing a part in helping the environment. Safe to say that Singapore Green Plan 2030 is a game-changing solution that will empower sustainable living and inspire the world to do the same.


What Would the Targets Look Like?

For this green plan to become a reality, there have to be ambitious targets that aim to improve the quality of life.  On a national level, looking into the longevity of life through the lens of sustainable development is how lasting change will happen for the next generations.

One of the first targets involves developing more new parks and renewing existing ones with fresh vegetation and landscapes — targeted to complete by 2026. Singapore also pledges to double the annual tree planting rate between 2020 and 2030. And truly living up to its name of being a ‘City in a Garden’, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 also pledges that every household will be within a 10-minute walk from a park.

While a greener environment is the foundation for success, another major setback lies in landfill waste. The green plan also targets to reduce the nation’s waste-to-landfill per capita by 20% on a daily basis by 2026 and 30% per day in 2030. Because a cleaner Singapore improves all areas of life, and these target categories are green energy, green commutes, green efforts in schools, sustainable towns and districts, and way more.


5 Key Pillars of the Singapore Green Plan

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” — George Lucas. It is through concentration on a singular thing that one’s atmosphere can change. Like Lucas, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 has a focus too, the 5 pillars are:


1. City in Nature

Nature, first. With rapid urbanisation and unpredictable climates, the green plan calls for an increase in Nature Park Network, enhancing animal management, and intensifying nature in all gardens and parks.


2. Energy Reset

Singapore is gearing towards cleaner and greener energy sources in its buildings and transportation systems. The plan is to continue increasing solar panel deployment on rooftops, reservoirs, and other open spaces. While having every vehicle run on cleaner energy by 2030 and designing more green buildings. 


3. Sustainable Living

The green plan accounts for ways to function sustainably as a society. From reducing carbon emissions, turning trash into treasure through a circular economy, and expanding cycling networks from 460km to 1320km by 2030.


4. Green Economy

To help businesses embrace decarbonisation, the Economic Development Board of Singapore administered a resource efficiency grant while the National Environment Agency supports companies with energy-efficient technologies — all to encourage seizing green opportunities in the workplace and beyond.


5. Resilient Future

The final of the 5 pillars is regarding the security of Singapore’s coastlines, food supply, and managing temperatures. The nation is incorporating nature-based enhancements to hold back rising seas and manage urban heat. And when it comes to nutrition, Singapore is strengthening its agri-food industries to meet 30% of nutritional needs locally by 2030.

All 5 pillars of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 are in alignment with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to the UN, it is a lasting blueprint of peace and prosperity for people and the planet.


What Does This Mean for Singapore?

The green plan is about to revolutionise the experience of work, study, and play. A joint statement by the 5 ministries involved stated the following: “The comprehensive plan will strengthen Singapore’s economic, climate and resource resilience, improve the living environment of Singaporeans, and bring new business and job opportunities.”

On an individual level, Singaporeans will have more access to green spaces to enjoy cooler shades from its hot and humid weather. By 2030, commutes like the MRT network will also offer greater coverage to major cities like London and New York City. 

It also means fresher air throughout the country, as the ministries plan to plant more vegetation along the roads to reduce ambient temperature. Not to mention, the vehicle tax structure will be revised to make it easier for everyone to own an electric vehicle (EV). And as Singapore strives to become a leading carbon trading and services hub, this multi-billion industry is projected to create new and diverse job opportunities for all.

The government is confident that the green plan will impact every fact of life for the better. With that, Singapore will become a home that’s greener, cleaner, safer, and more liveable for the generations ahead.


SodaStream and the Singapore Green Plan 2030

Together with the nation, SodaStream is making great strides in reducing waste through recycling carbon dioxide tanks. From swapping out BPA-free PET bottles that are reusable for up to 3 years to carbonating glass carafes that last forever, it’s a move that’ll benefit everyone. In fact, 1 carbonating bottle is equivalent to 3070 disposable bottles. 

Did you know that only about 9% of all the plastic ever produced was recycled? While 79% end up in landfills. And the remaining 12% is incinerated. As a society, rooted in sustainability, more needs to be done. Be part of the green plan and take the SodaStream pledge and help save up to 67 billion single-use plastic bottles from our planet.


Making a Real Change with SodaStream

Consuming less does not mean compromising on taste. SodaStream believes in creating bubbles that offer a great taste and are great for the planet. With just one reusable SodaStream bottle, you can dispense soda or fresh sparkling water and enjoy some fuss-free fizz. For extra hydration, give our COGas Cylinders a try for bubbles that never end to quench your thirst or experiment with artisanal drinks.

SodaStream has built a name for itself in the sparkling water industry since 1903. This history of trust and longevity lies in its relentless pursuit of eliminating single-use plastics and a passion for guilt-free beverages. As the nation strives for a cleaner and greener atmosphere, just remember, you can be a part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 by drinking responsibly.



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