AU/NZ Machines?
IMPORTANT: Australian/New Zealand CO2 Cylinders use a specific cylinder thread (on the top of cylinder), as such, you will not be able to find compatible Cylinders anywhere other than in Australia or New Zealand. If you have brought a Cylinder or a Sparkling Water Maker from Australia or New Zealand, we regret that it will not work in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world). We understand the frustration you may have and we are happy to assist you with a trade-in of your maker for a discount on a new one. Please visit our Trade-in Programme for more details.

In Store

Thank you for your recycling effort! Please take your empty CO2 cylinder to our local SodaStream retail partner stores.

Your empty cylinder will be exchanged for a fully filled CO2 cylinder and you will be charged only the cost of the CO2 (nearly half the price of a brand new spare cylinder!)



This is how online delivery works:
  • Order the Refill Exchange CO2 Cylinder online.
  • Have your empty cylinders ready for pick up on delivery day.
  • On delivery day, empty cylinders are picked up and new cylinders are delivered at the same time.
  • The online order and delivery is subject to our terms and conditions.

About SodaStream's CO2 Gas Cylinders:

  • SodaStream is the only company that has 100% control over every stage of each cylinder's lifespan
  • Our cylinder plant operates under an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance system that is certified and regularly audited by Lloyds Register.
  • SodaStream has secured, over many years of flawless operation, recognition from the world’s leading regulatory and safety authorities. These include: TUV, Swiss TS, DOT USA, TC Canada, Lloyds, GS, UL and others.
  • Every batch of CO2 that we use is sent to external laboratories for testing to ensure there are no contaminants.
  • We have over 100 years' experience in home carbonation systems since 1903.


What do we do with the empty cylinders?

  Recycle them, of course!

  • Manufacture of cylinders and valves, filling and refilling, testing and maintenance are all  done in-house at SodaStream’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.
  • Each cylinder and valve are inspected individually.
  • All empty cylinders are sorted, checked and packed individually, and shipped back by sea to SodaStream's manufacturing plants. Upon arriving,  all cylinders are sanitized, quality checked, tested for safety and infilled with Food Grade Approved CO2. We are committed to giving customers our best, no compromises.


Do not use uncertified CO2  from unverified sources with your  SodaStream machine. Food safety is our highest priority and it should be yours too!