Our company, Komo Pte Ltd, initiated home delivery service for SodaStream CO2 Cylinder Refill Exchange at your doorstep in 2017. This is one of the firsts in the world for SodaStream family worldwide. Although the process has not been perfected (like in all logistic businesses in the world), we continue to review our processes every week  without fail, after-which we would feedback to our third party logistic partner (3PL) as needed. 

We appreciate every customer who has embarked on this journey with us and we thank each one for his/her patience when things went a little off occasionally.

There are some "real issues" that continue to surface in this door-step exchange of CO2 cylinders and here are some of them:

  1. Customers are not home and did not prepare for the empty cylinders to be ready for our 3PL to pick up.
  2. Customers order the wrong quantity (example, they ordered for 3 exchanges but only have 2 empties to be picked up).
  3. Traffic condition or unforeseen circumstances on road conditions or drivers' well being that may have caused delay and customers are not able to wait and as such our 3PL is unable to collect the empties, (and hence unable to deliver what they have ordered).

We will continue to work for excellence in this area because it has brought immeasurable convenience to our community who appreciate better health and who are active to do their part for a better planet!  

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