Hear it from the Tribe SodaStream Mothers!

Hear it from the Tribe SodaStream Mothers!

Motherhood brings great joy to many although it is a 24/7 job that requires a lot of multi-tasking! It is also one all women look forward to embrace and be thankful for.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is to thank our moms and other mommies for the sacrifices and great job to encourage them to do better. Let’s hear it from the Mother’s from Tribe SodaStream about their most memorable moments and their message to all the mothers out there!

Theresa Tan, Author and Women of the Year 2012

My kids have done great things for me on Mother's Day, from cards and flowers to acts of love. I can't name just one so I'll name three. 

One year, my two older kids made me dinner—actually my older girl did it but her brother helped and the helper helped. It was a seafood cioppino, one of my favorite dishes. It was a great effort and I really had a taste of their love for me.

Three years ago, we were interviewed by a newspaper and my children surprised me by sharing so candidly about how they felt when I was diagnosed with cancer. Though it was not Mother's Day, I felt really treasured as a mother—they had never told me their deep thoughts and feelings before that.

And just yesterday, my youngest drew a comic of my journey as a mother. It made me laugh so hard, but it also touched me so much that she understood what I went through (and how tired I am!)

Message to all mothers:

Don't give up and never give yourself a hard time about being the mother you are. There is no single path to great motherhood. Every mother does all she can to give the best to her children and to help them to become the best people they can be. Happy Mother's Day!

Nanz Chong-Komo, CEO SodaStream Singapore

My most memorable was every year but of these last year! While every year we have those handcrafted cards that already filled up our home museum, last year, I woke up to a spa and home made breakfast by my then, 10, 12 and 13 years old children!

I was taken step by step, to leg scrub and followed by leg massage, warm towel on my face after a scrub which ingredients all home made (salt, lemon, lavender oil and olive oil) face massage by two mid sized hands and finally, more massage with artisanal oil (as I was told).... It was a fabulous full course one hour that I will treasure for a century!  

Message to all mothers:

Mothers, who say we must be perfect?! 
Love, Cry, Shout, Enjoy, Embrace...do it all with no pretence! 

Dawn Lee, Executive Secretary and Triathlete

One of my most memorable Mother’s Day was when Denise cooked me a pasta meal, did housework and Debbie gave me a handmade key chain. The greatest gift is not found in the store but in the hearts. I was touched that it wasn’t about money but they put their hearts and effort into making me feel loved that day.

Message to all mothers:

Motherhood is messy, and challenging, and crazy, and giving, and yet still crazily beautiful! It empties you of your time, and energy, and sleep, but it fills your heart. The world is a better place because of mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dawn Sim, Yoga studio owner and Head Teacher

While Mother’s Day happens around the exam period and can be stressful for moms and their kids. The most memorable Mother's Day gift or gesture for me is when my oldest daughter saved up her pocket money for an entire week just to buy a flower from the bookstore for me. This was when she was in primary 3 and when she presented it to me along with a letter she wrote, I completely broke down.

Mothers Day message to other mothers out there:

Every opportunity we have to teach our children only moulds the way they think and development into adults. The teaching is not just in what we say but especially in what we do.

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