5 Ways To Protect The Earth by Clarence Lee

5 Ways To Protect The Earth by Clarence Lee

5 Ways To Reduce Waste By Tribe SodaStream Leader Clarence Lee

Earth Day falls on April 22, it is a day which the world celebrates to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

Tribe SodaStream Leader Clarence Lee believes caring for Mother Earth is everyone’s responsibility and strongly advocate an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We spoke to him to find out how all of us can be environmentally friendly:

1. Bring your own bottle - drink tap water rather than buy bottled water, save money and use less or no plastic.

sheila_sim (Photo credit: @sheila_sim/Instagram)

2. Share share share and use less tissue paper - when I'm out dining with friends, I'd share a piece of tissue at the end of a meal.  Sheila Sim, Keith Png, John Lee are some of my friends who'll do this with me. I used to open up the two-ply tissues and pass one ply to the other person.  But these days, we just pull them apart abruptly and share them. Our mouths really dun need that much paper to wipe over, do they? And it's really not about saving money, but saving the unnecessary use of materials.

personal_cutlery3. Bring your straw and personal cutlery - I have a metal straw which I carry around all the time, but have to make a conscious effort to remind service staff not to use plastic lids and their plastic straws and to use mine, I will use my own cutlery when only disposable ones are available.

4. Reuse paper - I use envelopes from mails and receiver's copy from courier deliveries that come in for my To-do lists.  So I don't need to use fresh paper for it. They'll get thrown out after I'm done with the list anyway, so why not use it once more?

5. Reuse plastic - plastic bags that wraps magazines, clothes or whatever are reused for light trash or anything so that they won't be thrown away just like that.

Clarence makes a conscious effort to give a second use or more to whatever he uses and he feels  better to reuse, reduce waste (or use less) and recycle.

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