Sparkling Water Maker

With SodaStream Singapore’s sparkling water makers, you can control the fizziness of your bubbles as you desire! Effortlessly dispense your soda or fresh sparkling water at home in seconds. 

Our Sparkling Water Makers have evolved over 100 years to be easy to use and eco-friendly, with a charming design that matches any countertop and is sure to modernize your home. 

SodaStream machines allow you to create artisanal fizzy drinks without the consequences of sugar or pesky chemicals! Master the bubbles with our deluxe range of sparkling water makers. Every aspect, from carbonation to the flavoring, is within your control.

All our makers come equipped with a 60L CO2 Gas Cylinder so that you can infuse as many bubbles into your drink as you desire. In fact, why not grab a spare cylinder to ensure you never run out of bubbles? We also offer easy refills at a click of a button and at almost half the price!” 

Join the SodaStream family and sparkle your world! Make your own artisanal drinks in under 1 minute!